Unless you very own a farm animals ranch, you probable don’t need to hire cowboys. You definitely wouldn’t placed up with substandard paintings from a builder or electrician, could you? What approximately an accountant that didn’t recognize tax laws, could you need them handing your finances?
Well, maximum internet designers produce web sites which can be shoddy and substandard – and worst of all they don’t even comprehend it.

How can I inform if my website online isn’t as much as preferred?
Many professions and industries have requirements. With a few professions, like remedy or regulation, you want a qualification earlier than you even begin doing it.

Other industries, like meals processing or production, aren’t so strict approximately educational qualifications, however they do have requirements that need to be met – like fitness and protection or meals hygiene requirements.
There’s no educational qualification you want with the intention to end up an internet fashion dressmaker. All you want is a laptop with net get admission to and the self belief (or in a few instances arrogance) to name your self an internet fashion dressmaker.
However, even though many human beings (and maximum internet designers) don’t comprehend it – there are requirements for web sites.
What’s extra – it’s clearly clean to check your internet site to peer if it’s as much as preferred. All you want to do is go to a internet site and you may check your  website online.
What are Web Standards?
Websites are programmed the usage of a laptop language known as HTML. There’s a proper manner to application HTML and there’s a incorrect manner. The proper manner to application HTML is known as “Web Standards,” some thing else is the incorrect manner.
The distinction among the proper and incorrect manner to application a internet site is technical – so in case you’re a commercial enterprise proprietor you don’t want to recognize the info.
However, you do want to recognize that in case your internet fashion dressmaker hasn’t used Web Standards it method:
• Your website online will do worse in Search Engines – so that you’ll get much less site visitors
• It will take longer to down load – so that you’ll lose extra of the site visitors you do get
• It may want to value you extra to hold the internet site
• It’s more difficult (and extra highly-priced) to make adjustments to the internet site
• Up to forty% of human beings may not be capable of see your internet site nicely due to the fact they use exclusive sort of laptop or internet browser than your internet fashion dressmaker.
• Your website online might be now no longer going to be reachable to human beings with disabilities – that could suggest you may fall foul of your nearby incapacity discrimination laws
Of course, you may not have these kind of troubles in case your internet fashion dressmaker hasn’t used Web Standards – however you’ll definitely have a number of them.

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